St.Albans Film Festival Award Winners

This weekend saw the very first St.Albans Film Festival flourish to life all thanks to the amazing festival director Leoni Kibbey!

3 days of activities, screenings and informative talks were wrapped up with a beautiful awards ceremony last night.

Gracious Awakenings is the first short film I’ve directed and one of many to be made by me and James Ball. We were shortlisted out of nearly 400 films submitted and are proud to say Gracious Awakenings won Judges Special Mention in the Main Short Film Category!

Gracious Awakenings was up against some stiff competition and we we’re delighted to even be entered let alone to win an award! Our budget was around £10 but we had incredible crew involved (Philip Canvin, Nik Stojkov, Tim Kramer) who worked ridiculously hard to get the film prepared for the festival, a special thank you to everyone involved in working on it.

We are currently writing and organizing for our next project, another short comedy! We have been inspired and urged to enter Gracious Awakenings into various International Film Festivals this year and are keen to hear more public reactions to it! As it was the films premiere I would love to hear any reactions to it so please get in touch if you watched it!

Here’s a photo of James Ball and I looking ridiculously happy with our award.


And the Artwork I created for Gracious Awakenings Film Poster.