Prisoner II Music Video

Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure will be releasing a video for ‘Prisoner II’ on November 24th 2014. The song will also be released digitally as a single, with two b-sides: ‘Imprisoner,’ a sparse electro re-work of the song from Uther Moads, and ZD & Echo Pressure’s ‘Come On Baby Please’, a piece of guitar-pop pastiche featuring Sophie Jamieson.

“‘Prisoner II’ is a song written over the course of several years and is mainly about loneliness; I wrote the song in my head whilst being stationed in various mist-cloaked environments, such as Cambridge in the UK and Makkum in the Netherlands, where I spent autumn and winter 2012-13 working in a shipyard. One of the overriding feelings of being in these situations was a longing for a respite from the cold and the work in human connection: some kind of intimacy, warmth and familiarity. I also missed family and home. The idea of the video draws on this experience; it follows somebody who finds himself alone in a bleak environment, who unexpectedly finds a connection with an abandoned dog.” – Zygmunt


The video was filmed on the North-West coast of the UK during the tail end of hurricane Gonzalez by myself. It was very windy. Bonnie the dog (above, in still), however, was a real pro on set.

‘Prisoner II’ also features trumpet playing from Patch & The Giant’s Angie Rance.

This will be the second official single released from ZD & Echo Pressure’s album, On Streets That Know, which came out in June this year, to a small but encouraging amount of critical acclaim.


The video will be released on November 24th on YouTube, Vimeo and Clowdy. The single will be released simultaneously on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.