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Ben Jacobs

Photographer / Director / UX Designer

I’m a 27 year old Photographer, director and UX designer

My main passion for photography started with street photography, I quickly learnt to capture the subtleties and details of daily life that many others overlooked. This fly on the wall and documentary approach can be seen in all genres of my work. I believe details, gestures and capturing moments are important in this day and age and convey them in whichever medium is used.







Recent Clients


Why Choose Me?

    • Professional and caring
    • Attention to detail
    • Flexible, dedicated and reliable
    • Work is undertaken at the highest standard
    • Years of experience shooting various styles
    • Available for local or international work
    • Affordable and realistic budget management
    • Useful industry contacts for larger projects
    • Highest resolution and latest technology

My Work

  • Photography 100%
  • Filming 80%
  • UX Design 70%
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