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  • Double Rainbow

    While editing up some recent videos for Living the Dreams new TiVo app Zoe looked to her right and shouted ‘Douuubbbblleeeee raaaaainbow’ to my surprise there was infact two perfect rainbows right across the road from us! This is possibly the best side effect of a completely unpredictable British summer!
  • Early morning landscapes

    Good Morning everyone! So I was up at 4am today filming environmental scenes for a new short comedy I’ve been working on and thought I’d take a couple of photos, I don’t normally shoot landscapes but the morning light rising up looked beautiful today. More information about the short coming soon!
  • Homemade Birthday Card

    My Grandad sent me a brand new lens mug along with his annual handmade Birthday card equipped with a personalized poem inside. I hope I’m as creative as him when I reach 92! He never ceases to amaze and inspire me and is the reason I don’t buy cards from shops anymore, handmade personalized cards mean much […]
  • Us & Benga BTS photos

    Great to see the guys at Us using some of the behind the scenes shots I took for their award nominated video for Benga. Behind the scenes photos have also been recently published in Shots.net magazine! More photos here: http://benjiphotography.co.uk/benga-i-will-never-change/
  • McDonalds reveals Photoshop truth behind adverts

    Ever feel disappointed when your McDonald’s burger doesn’t look exactly like it did in advertisement photos? A customer from Toronto named Isabel M. took to a website created by McDonald’s Canada, which allows customers to ask all kinds of questions. She asked “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in […]
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