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  • Soundcloud HQ home for Bengas Sculpture

    Soundcloud HQ home for Bengas Sculpture

    SoundCloud has opened gorgeous new offices overlooking the Berlin Wall Memorial. The office design never strays far from the company’s musical roots. This vinyl sculpture is a waveform representation of the song ‘I Will Never Change,’ by British musician Benga. The sculpture was created by a U.K.-based creative team called Us. Take a look at […]
  • Bearcubs – Promo Photoshoot

    Last weeks photoshoot with Bearcubs took place in and around St. Albans town (after a cheeky beer) The brief was simple – promo photos for upcoming releases and for the label to use, we decided to stick with a grainy film look to try and match his sound. I felt that clean lighting from a studio wouldn’t […]
  • So you wanna be a photographer?

    Every now and then you find something online that speaks a truth to you, this infographic Is no exception. Brilliantly illustrated and highlights all the things that amateur photographers have the bliss of not knowing!
  • Retouching: Before and after

    As some of you know, I’ve been shooting product photography for a rapidly expanding e-commerce website. From the outside, photographing still products sounds easy; the model doesn’t have a say about the shots, you can control lighting 100% etc. But in truth, it’s a lot more complex than meets the eye when you see the final […]
  • Shots tech video

    I was recently commisioned to film a short video for Saddington Baynes of their augmented reality app for shots magazine summarising the front covers intractability with the iPad & iPhone. ‘Saddington Bayes has partnered with shots magazine to produce and augment the front cover of their new shots Tech supplement that launches at Cannes Lions […]
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