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  • McDonalds reveals Photoshop truth behind adverts

    Ever feel disappointed when your McDonald’s burger doesn’t look exactly like it did in advertisement photos? A customer from Toronto named Isabel M. took to a website created by McDonald’s Canada, which allows customers to ask all kinds of questions. She asked “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in […]
  • Faith in Humanity : Restored

    After all the bad news we’re subjected to every single day, and all the wrong doings we heard about day to day it’s quite refreshing to see how these moments can restore your faith in humanity and how photography can instantly evoke such strong emotions. Makes you question why does the News choose to not […]
  • Living the Dream on Virgin TiVo

    The last few weeks have been very hectic for me, I’ve photographed a beautiful wedding, two Jubilee weekend partys, a behind the scenes of a new Impulse advert featuring Caggie Dunlop (From made in Chelsea) band promo for Rumour Mill and an intense editing session with Flying Moustache as we prepare to launch our new media […]
  • Rumour Mill Promo

    I was asked short notice by Rumour Mill to photograph them for a couple of upcoming magazine articles, so I grabbed my camera and headed down to their gig the next day at The Horn playing alongside Palm Reader, Scythes and Isolated. Below are some samples I shot outside before their set. I’m looking forward […]
  • Sneak peeks from Jubilee weekend Wedding

    This weekend was of course the Queens Jubilee weekend as she marks her 60th year on the throne, but rather than waving a little plastic flag around I had the pleasure of photographing Jessica & Ciarans special day in Tewin Bury Farm. Battling against the weather (one minute bright sunshine the next downpour) It was a […]
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